An introduction…

I’m Karla, a proven entrepreneur with experience as a board member and business leader.

I’ve founded and sold two businesses in the cybersecurity industry.

I’ve helped build two others that are successful and profitable. I’ve turned businesses around. I’ve also learned what doesn’t work.

I’ve led sales teams. I’ve built marketing functions. I have a decade of experience in talent attraction and HR.

I love helping businesses grow and succeed. I love helping build cultures that are inclusive and destined for success. I love helping individuals achieve their goals.

Born in the UK, I am lucky enough to live in Virginia, USA, and have experience working in Europe, America and the Middle East.

My Passions

I mentor ambitious women who are developing their careers. I speak at events on the importance of building diverse teams. I help organizations consider diversity as a business objective.

Public speaking, raising awareness, and mentorship are all areas I commit my time to. Alongside growing companies, I believe it is essential to our future success to give my time to these activities.

I am also the host of The Capital Tea podcast. The goal of the podcast is to provide access to some of the best CEO’s and investors of our time. It has never been easier to learn from successful people and I aim to provide a free route to access this knowledge.

Working with me

It’s much easier and quicker to build a business with other people. With people who are invested in your success as much as you are. With people who add value and can help you solve the challenges you are facing.

I love sharing my experience of growing businesses with others. I love seeing companies grow. I love seeing entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

If you are wondering how to increase revenue quickly, how to structure your company for an exit, or how to build a culture that delivers success then I may be able to help.

I take on a select number of projects each year where I feel I can add maximum value. To explore a potential collaboration, you can contact me here.