BIPOC Speaker list

As part of my commitment to not be involved in any project that does not represent the diversity of our industry, I have complied a list of highly qualified cybersecurity speakers. These are individuals that have been recommended to me and is not intended to infer a working relationship. If you would like to be included in the list, please contact me and I will add you to the list.

Please contact people individually for rates and availablility.

Anthony Johnson – Managing Partner and Board Member, USA

Anthony Lauderdale – Director Threat Detection and Monitoring, USA

Arun Warikoo – Cyber Security Consultant, USA

Azeem Bashir – CISO, UK

Bharat Thakrar – CTO, CISO and Cyber Advocate, UK

Dr. Cecile s. Jackson – Cyber Expert, USA

David Fairley – Cyber Security Enthusiast, USA

Dioly Alexandre – Cyber Warfare Executive, USA

Ebrima Ceesay – Director Cyber Security, USA

Endré Jarraux Walls – Global Technology and Cyber Security Executive, USA

Fareedah Shaheed – CEO and Founder, USA

Gotham Sharma – CISO, USA

Hector Monsegur – Security Researcher and Consultant, USA

James Felton Keith – Author, President, USA

Jessica Robinson – CEO, USA

Kavya Pearlman – Cyber Security Strategist, Founder, CEO, USA

Love Hudson-Maggio – Founder and CEO, USA

Kevin Gordon – Cyber Security Consultant, USA

Marco Essomba – Founder and CEO, UK

Mary N. Chaney – Attorney and Professor, USA

Maurice Kinsey – Cyber Security Engineer, USA

M.K. Palmore – Cybersecurity Strategic Advisor, USA

Mohsin Choudhury – Head of Information Security and Data, UK

Naveen Vasudeva – CISO, UK

Noureen Njoroge – Security Threat Intel Engineer, USA

Olu Odeniyi – Advisor and NED, UK

O’Shea Bowens – Cyber Operations and CEO, USA

Oz Alashe – Founder and CEO, UK

Prudence Merlise Wafo – Cyber Security Specialist, USA

Regine Bonneau – CEO/Founder, USA

Renee Forney – Senior Director, USA

Sherif Hazzaa – Entrepreneur, USA

Simeon Quarrie – Founder and CEO, UK

Tee Patel – Founder, UK

Veda Woods – Founder and CEO, USA

Vinh Vuong – CEO, USA

Yasmin Martin – Cyber Security Professional, UK

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