Month: August 2017

by Karla Jobling / on 22 August, 2017

How will GDPR affect security teams globally

GDPR affects most global businesses, not just EU ones and will challenge teams to focus on their global reach. It is also making the link between data privacy, physical security and cyber a lot closer. The creation of new data privacy jobs, is going
by Karla Jobling / on 17 August, 2017

How to follow up after a second job interview

Following up after a second interview, which may well be the final stage, should allow the interviewer to be reminded why you want the job. After the first stage, a short note thanking them for their time is enough. At second stage you should
by Karla Jobling / on 8 August, 2017

How to find and recruit top talent on a shoestring

Use LinkedIn to approach potential candidates if you are struggling to get applications. You can do quite a lot with a free account. Arranging an assessment morning or day can be really cost effective too. You can get all your interviewers in one place
by Karla Jobling / on 2 August, 2017

How not to fire people

Slowly! The experiences I have had, that are the most positive, is where we have been able to quickly agree that things aren’t working and move on. Where people have been left to get away with things longer than they should have, things have
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