Should you accept a counter offer


There is a lot of information out there that will tell you why you shouldn’t accept a counter-offer so is there ever a reason why you should? And if not, how do you prepare to turn that extra money down?


  • If it was just about the money.

If you love your current job but just got attracted by a bigger salary elsewhere then stay and take the counter offer. Ask why they didn’t pay you that before you resigned and how valued you really are, but if those things don’t matter and it is all about the pay cheque, then do it!


  • If there is something you didn’t know

Acquisition or growth plans that mean a new opportunity for you are a great reason to stay. This is different from being offered a significantly different role or more responsibility. You may need to make sure that they are not empty promises. If it has been planned for a while, but they haven’t delivered, then it is time to move on.


  • The new role isn’t really the one


You looked to change jobs for a reason but that doesn’t mean you have found the right role. If it isn’t the right opportunity, then maybe that counter offer isn’t so bad. Just beware, you probably will want to look for a new role in a few months, so don’t burn any bridges.


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