BeecherMadden predictions for resilience jobs in 2016

First published January 2016.


An increase in jobs at last

With some movement at the global head level in 2015, the merry-go-round of job moves will finally start again. Very few global head roles had been recruited between 2010 and 2015, as the industry shrunk to a more operational level. However, this is changing and will bring with it an increase in resilience jobs as those in new positions, seek to implement a new strategy.


Jobs in new organisations

Banking has traditionally been the key sector for resilience jobs and with more challenger banks coming through and the rise of the building society, expect more jobs from these newer organisations. The challenges will be exciting, as these roles will allow for new strategy and an environment with limited pre-conceived ideas on how to set things up.


An increase in contract jobs

Floods, terrorism and an end to austerity will see changes for those in resilience jobs. We are expecting a rise in the amount of emergency planning contracts available in 2016, as well as contract jobs in general. Daily rates may not hit the highs of 10 years ago, with those earning £300-£450 a day being the most in demand.


How did our predictions fair in 2015?

A change of focus not numbers? We predicted that those in resilience jobs would broaden their focus to crisis and even security but that there would not be a large increase in the amount of new jobs. There was no large increase in hiring but those with specific experience, were actually the ones in demand. A mixed result here!

A focus on uptime, now downtime? This was the buzzword for the year and many of our clients were talking about maximising the uptime for robust applications, rather than just worrying about fixing a problem when it went wrong. Many companies were hit with large amounts of downtime, or recurring technology problems, so this wasn’t the focus for everyone unfortunately.

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