How to End Job Search Burnout in Job Candidates

What parts of the job search through recruiting and hiring processes tend to be the most stressful for job seekers?

Waiting at any stage of the process is stressful but particularly after a final interview. At this point, job seekers often have 2 or 3 opportunities and trying to co-ordinate these process to conclude at a similar time can be stressful. Candidates want to get job offers as close together as possible to make sure they can compare, without missing an opportunity through a slow process.


How can organizations change their process to alleviate some of that stress?

Organizations can ensure timely feedback, especially for unsuccessful candidates. If a candidate hasn’t heard anything for 3 or more days after an interview, the prospects aren’t looking good and organizations will have made a decision by then, if someone is not suitable. Rejecting candidates is not the priority, organizations focus on the candidates that they like, but speeding this piece up can alleviate stress and improve that company’s image in the process.


What tips and strategies do you use to make the recruiting and hiring processes less stressful?

As a recruitment company, we can’t always influence the speed of an organization’s process. We do try but we help make that less stressful by keeping in touch with candidates even when there isn’t news. Having a point of contact can help candidates understand the process, and make decisions on other roles.


What positive impacts have you seen?

Often candidates stay interested in companies far longer than they otherwise might have done due to this communication. Candidates who do get prompt feedback, successful or not, have a far more positive image of that company than with organizations that keep candidates waiting for weeks.


Karla Reffold is the Founder and MD of BeecherMadden, with over 10 years experience helping organizations of all sizes recruit. BeecherMadden specialise in cybersecurity recruitment.

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