Why job boards suck

For recruiters, they suck because you just have to be first to reach a person. You don’t have to be the best recruiter. There is no skill involved and ultimately, you are not adding value to your client or candidate, by operating in such a transactional way. Candidates should still expect a good service from their recruiter, but by opening themselves up to more approaches, there will be an element of urgency that can put them under pressure. For clients, being presented with a candidate that they could have contacted themselves via a job board does not demonstrate added value. It can lead to frustration with the recruitment company and over a period of time, they may value the service less, resulting in lower fees. While the recruitment company have still done much of the work, presenting the client opportunity and vetting the candidate, this is not always taken into consideration. Building relationships with candidates over a period of time, before they are even thinking about moving, is much better all round. The client benefits from being presented with candidates that are well-known and understood. The candidate benefits as the recruitment company really does understand their ambitions, and can present them with good opportunities at the opportune time. The recruitment company also benefit as they are able to add value to all parties and provide a great service.

One thing I am wary of however, is the argument that passive candidates are always better than those actively looking via a job board. Says who? Taking your career into your own hands, or being in a situation where that pace and urgency is required, does not mean you are any less skilled.

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