Why you shouldn’t take a job just for the money

When I speak to people who are looking to leave their job, their reason is very rarely that they are not being paid enough. They are looking because they don’t like their boss, they are no longer being challenged or there have been changes at the company. These are the things that make you miserable every day and an extra few thousand, doesn’t compensate for that. Money is the easiest thing to compare when weighing up job offers. However, you should also consider if you are going to enjoy going to the office every day. Was there anything in the interview process that made you uncertain?  A slow recruitment process could be a sign of a company that takes a long time to make change or make decisions. What about the people you will be spending your time with? Opportunities for progression? Are you going to be challenged? Is the company and your role secure? Will you tire of the commute after a few months? All these factors play a part, money is just one of them.

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