Will CISO salaries top $1 million?

The average salary bracket for CISO level candidates is up to $345,000, with massive disparities in from lower to higher levels. However, there are a small pocket of roles with salaries of $650,000 – $700,000, and higher. The market is demanding salaries at this level, capitalising on the demand for a broad range of skills required to take on this challenging role.
Demonstrating the development of cyber security as an industry, there is significant movement, demand and negotiation when it comes to CISO salaries. Salaries will either rise significantly, based on candidate expectations, or right-size, as companies refuse to keep up with such demands. With the cost of a breach increasing, and increased regulatory interest, many candidates are comparing the cost of their salary to the cost of a potential breach, and feeling under-remunerated.
Of those asked, many CISO’s are telling BeecherMadden that they are turning down cyber jobs paying $650,000, saying it is not enough money. A new theme is coming from these discussions, with candidates drawing a comparison between the value of the company and their own remuneration. If a company is worth $20 billion, or has $100 million at risk if they were fined, $1 million doesn’t seem very much to pay for someone to keep you secure.
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