Month: February 2017

by Karla Jobling / on 24 February, 2017

My favourite business quote

Don’t throw stones at every dog that barks   It is my favourite sales and business quote. In sales, there is always a new market or new angle that you can pursue but the way to be successful is to become an expert in
by Karla Jobling / on 17 February, 2017

How to bounce back from job rejection

Getting rejected for a job, especially one you really want, can be tough. For many, we fall into each role or are approached by friends or colleagues into the next job. Going through an application process on your own can be tough and it
by Karla Jobling / on 10 February, 2017

How can men support women in tech?

Men need to acknowledge that there is a problem; once that happens we can start to change the problems women in tech face.   I often speak on women in cyber security and i am always met with comments from men who tell me
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