How to bounce back from job rejection

Getting rejected for a job, especially one you really want, can be tough. For many, we fall into each role or are approached by friends or colleagues into the next job. Going through an application process on your own can be tough and it is important to know how to bounce back from job rejection.


Companies see typically 20 resumes for each vacancy. For more junior roles this could be over 100. They will likely interview 10-12 candidates at a first stage interview and will have 3 candidates at the final stage. Rejection is likely at some point in your career so you should be prepared for it. Even if you are perfect for the job, many other factors may stop you from receiving an offer; personality clash, internal candidates, economic factors.


To get over that rejection the best thing you can do, is have multiple applications tracking. If you are one of 3, you should have  3 options too.


Also, look for honesty in your recruiter. It will be easier to move past the rejection if you know how many people are in process and the hiring manager’s feedback.


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