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by Karla Reffold / on 17 February, 2017

How to bounce back from job rejection

Getting rejected for a job, especially one you really want, can be tough. For many, we fall into each role or are approached by friends or colleagues into the next job. Going through an application process on your own can be tough and it
by Karla Reffold / on 10 February, 2017

How can men support women in tech?

Men need to acknowledge that there is a problem; once that happens we can start to change the problems women in tech face.   I often speak on women in cyber security and i am always met with comments from men who tell me
by Karla Reffold / on 10 January, 2017

Career mistakes women make

Women regularly sell themselves short when applying, or more often choosing not to apply, for the next career move. When dealing with female candidates, they are less likely to cite career progression as a reason for changing jobs and we see less job applications
by Karla Reffold / on 20 July, 2016

Career advice for women in cyber jobs

With women earning up to 30% more than men in cyber security, it is a great career path. But women make up less than 15% of the industry. So how can you take advantage of this to move your career forward quickly? And if
by Karla Reffold / on 14 July, 2016

Kiran Bhagotra speaks about women in cyber to BeecherMadden

  Kiran has a fantastic career in cyber security, working at government level, internationally. With an ability to bring the right people together, Kiran has made a difference fighting cyber crime and child exploitation. With a background as a consultant in Business Development, Marketing,
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