Month: December 2017

by Karla Jobling / on 26 December, 2017

The biggest lesson I learned in business

Not to worry about what people think or say about you. When you run a business, it is inevitable that you will have a supplier, or ex-employee, that doesn’t agree with how you do things. Often, they won’t have the full picture and you
by Karla Jobling / on 19 December, 2017

How do you know if you are an entrepreneur

Total belief in your idea and a solid plan on how you will make it happen. When I started my business, almost everyone suggested caution. Very few people around me were supportive of me going into business and out of employment. In my experience,
by Karla Jobling / on 12 December, 2017

How to network without being awkward

Networking events can be difficult until you are further into your career but there are lots of online sources you can use to get started. Connect with people on LinkedIn and Twitter and ask for their help. If you have connected with a few
by Karla Jobling / on 9 December, 2017

What do entrepreneurs want for Christmas?

I travel a lot with work and I normally forget an essential technical item. Headphones, phone charger or adaptor sockets are all useful gifts!
by Karla Jobling / on 5 December, 2017

What candidates should tell recruiters

Candidates rarely say that they don’t like the job or the client. Instead of coming clean, they go off the radar or, more often that you would think, make up a family death or illness. They really should be open about their concerns. It
by Karla Jobling / on 2 December, 2017

What do entrepreneurs want for Christmas?

Looking smart is important in my line of work, so I love a manicure. And if you can book the appointment for me, saving me time, even better!
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