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by Karla Reffold / on 27 December, 2016

What will happen for compliance jobs in 2017?

  Stronger enforcement for compliance 2016 has been another year of fines for a number of organisations who have not complied with a whole range of legislation, both in the UK and the US. The US seem to have been a little harder on
by Karla Reffold / on 2 December, 2016

What will happen for cyber jobs in 2017?

As we approach 2017, BeecherMadden looks at what may change for cyber jobs next year. What trends in the industry are going to impact those in cyber jobs and their salaries? Plus, we review some of the predictions we made in 2016 and how
by Karla Reffold / on 4 November, 2016

Will CISO salaries top $1 million?

The average salary bracket for CISO level candidates is up to $345,000, with massive disparities in from lower to higher levels. However, there are a small pocket of roles with salaries of $650,000 – $700,000, and higher. The market is demanding salaries at this
by Karla Reffold / on 30 October, 2016

How will Brexit affect the cyber industry

BeecherMadden’s latest breakfast seminar was attended by leading cyber security professionals, last week. Attendees heard from Deloitte, KPMG and Capgemini, with thoughts on how Brexit will affect the cyber industry. Croissants were replaced with bacon sandwiches, with some questioning the anti-European message of our
by Karla Reffold / on 7 October, 2016

My advice to would-be female entrepreneurs

Last week I met a new friend who told me how she had always dreamed of starting her own business. She is a well-known expert in her field, operating at a higher level than her title and remuneration. But things are holding her back
by Karla Reffold / on 17 August, 2016

How to keep your staff in cyber jobs

Could keeping who you already have be the answer to the cyber skills gap?   The BeecherMadden 2016 salary survey, showed that 78% of candidates in cyber security jobs were open to moving roles during 2016. Over half of those expected that their next
by Karla Reffold / on 5 August, 2016

Contract jobs, what are the benefits?

With continued change in the job market internationally, there are still great opportunities for candidates wanting to take a contract job.  Although contracting is not for everyone, there are still good benefits that can be expected. Security and uncertainty on securing the next interim
by Karla Reffold / on 20 July, 2016

Career advice for women in cyber jobs

With women earning up to 30% more than men in cyber security, it is a great career path. But women make up less than 15% of the industry. So how can you take advantage of this to move your career forward quickly? And if
by Karla Reffold / on 5 July, 2016

Women in cyber security still earning more than men

  In 2015, BeecherMadden reported that women in cyber security were being paid up to 30% more than their male counterparts. This trend has continued into 2016, and is most prominent for those in their mid-career. It is worth putting this into context of
by Karla Reffold / on 3 June, 2016

BeecherMadden concerned about effect of Brexit on the UK recruitment market

BeecherMadden is a leading recruitment company, specialising in corporate governance, resilience & security and niche technology. They employ over 20 staff, with offices in London and New York. Our key clients are FTSE100 businesses, consulting firms and niche cyber businesses. CEO Owen Jobling, gives
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