My commitments to improve racial diversity in cybersecurity

Ive always spoke up for inclusion within cybersecurity. This has mostly focussed on the gender gap and more recently, neurodiversity. I’ve stayed away from talking about race. I was scared to say the wrong thing, trying to fix an issue I can never fully relate to. I’m seeing why that was the wrong choice and I’m committing personally and as a company to changing that. I’m asking all our employees to take unconscious bias tests so we can start to work on any issues we have. I’m making training resources available to them so they can learn more about what we can do to help. All of our clients will be asked if they would like names taken off resumes to help with their own diversity efforts. All of our charitable donations will be directed to supporting Black Lives Matter. I will be making sure images we use reflect all races. I won’t speak at an event or contribute to a project that doesn’t represent the diversity of our industry and I’m setting up a list of speakers to help aid that goal. Please let me know if there is anything else you think we should be doing.

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