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by Karla Reffold / on 4 May, 2021

Cyber and the human factor

I thought I had heard of most significant cyber breaches. The 2016 SWIFT hack of the Bank of Bangladesh was one I’ve only recently learned about from the Kaspersky sponsored documentary, produced by The CyberTree Paradox.   Bangladesh is one of the most hacked
by Karla Reffold / on 14 June, 2020

My commitments to improve racial diversity in cybersecurity

Ive always spoke up for inclusion within cybersecurity. This has mostly focussed on the gender gap and more recently, neurodiversity. I’ve stayed away from talking about race. I was scared to say the wrong thing, trying to fix an issue I can never fully
by Karla Reffold / on 13 March, 2019

Looking for executives to share their lessons about career growth

What is your current position and company? MD, BeecherMadden and Nicoll Curtin. A global headhunting firm, currently building our US business.   How long has it taken you to get there? 12 years   What was your very first professional position? My first role
by Karla Reffold / on 13 March, 2019

Girlbosses! What’s Your Best Productivity Hack? If there is something you can easily pay someone else to do, then do it! Your time is more valuable and can be used to work on your business, or to give you some much needed time to relax. Taking away the pressure
by Karla Reffold / on 26 March, 2018

Karla Reffold of BeecherMadden accepted into Forbes Human Resources Council

Karla Reffold, MD and Founder of BeecherMadden, the leading governance recruitment company based in London and New York, has been accepted into the Forbes Human Resources Council, an invitation-only community for HR executives across all industries. Karla Reffold joins other Forbes Human Resources Council
by Karla Reffold / on 9 January, 2018

Women & negotiation in the work place

I am CEO of BeecherMadden, a niche recruitment business with offices in London and New York. I also speak often on women in cyber security, where we are under-represented. Women need to take the emotion out of negotiating. Negotiating isn’t just working with a
by Karla Reffold / on 2 January, 2018

Impact of online salary data

I am the CEO of BeecherMadden, a niche recruitment business focussed on corporate governance, with offices in London and New York. We produce annual salary surveys and regular updates on salary trends. Online salary data, can be highly misleading for companies when setting salaries
by Karla Reffold / on 26 December, 2017

The biggest lesson I learned in business

Not to worry about what people think or say about you. When you run a business, it is inevitable that you will have a supplier, or ex-employee, that doesn’t agree with how you do things. Often, they won’t have the full picture and you
by Karla Reffold / on 19 December, 2017

How do you know if you are an entrepreneur

Total belief in your idea and a solid plan on how you will make it happen. When I started my business, almost everyone suggested caution. Very few people around me were supportive of me going into business and out of employment. In my experience,
by Karla Reffold / on 12 December, 2017

How to network without being awkward

Networking events can be difficult until you are further into your career but there are lots of online sources you can use to get started. Connect with people on LinkedIn and Twitter and ask for their help. If you have connected with a few
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