How to leave a job if you are on bad terms

Sometimes a better offer comes along and people move jobs and leave on good terms with the people they work with. Often, people leave jobs because something has changed and they are unhappy. If you are really unhappy, how to leave professionally can be a challenge.

There is no need to go to town in a resignation letter if you have been unhappy. Keep it brief and high level. The boss you hate might end up working at your dream company, or be hiring when you are desperate. How bad things were, gets forgotten over time but that letter won’t. If you really have had a bad time of it, reference it but don’t reel off lots of detail. For example, I recognise lately we have both been dissatisfied with my employment and as such, I am tendering my resignation.

If you are resigning, pending a disciplinary, then you may want to state a couple of facts in your defence. For instance, while I am certain I could adequately defend myself against the allegations made in my disciplinary letter,  I feel now is the right time for me to move on.

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