Most telling hiring data to track

A key measure that recruiters use but hiring managers do not, is how many interviews you have undertaken for the role. We have also been able to track back for our internal hires and look at this data when understanding success for a new hire. If too few interviews have taken place, it is an indicator that a new hire will not be successful. While the best candidate may be the first one through the door, if you do not compare them to others, you risk just hiring someone because they are available. 3 interviews is often given as the magic number, but I think less than 5 is too few. More than 10 or 12 interviews per position, suggests that the hiring manager is not clear on their expectations. Either in the job description, or during the interview process, something is missing. This can mean that a position stays vacant for too long but it can also mean that the wrong person will be selected as the hiring manager gets fatigued with interviewing.

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