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by Karla Reffold / on 10 August, 2020

2020 cybersecurity job report

2020 has been an unusal year in the cybersecurity job market. I conducted a survey into how cybersecurity professionals viewed the landscape, and how they were approaching their own career. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, the results provide a view into the current
by Karla Reffold / on 13 March, 2019

Signs you’ve found the perfect candidate for the job

You should be excited about a perfect candidate when you met them. You will likely be keen to rearrange their second interview straight away. This excitement can should have a basis in competency or ability, not just gut feel. However, being excited about a member
by Karla Reffold / on 13 March, 2019

How to Create Positive Employee Experiences When Company Culture Changes

I experienced this when selling my recruitment company, to a larger organisation.   In your opinion, why do some employees view a change in company culture as a negative? People are naturally nervous about change. Any change, especially if they haven’t been consulted will
by Karla Reffold / on 5 December, 2017

What candidates should tell recruiters

Candidates rarely say that they don’t like the job or the client. Instead of coming clean, they go off the radar or, more often that you would think, make up a family death or illness. They really should be open about their concerns. It
by Karla Reffold / on 28 November, 2017

How do you keep in touch with previous job candidates?

Just do it! Having a good memory helps. If I have met a great candidate, they will stay in my mind for years to come. Some of my top candidates and clients in 2017, are people I met with 5 or even 10 years
by Karla Reffold / on 14 November, 2017

Why job boards suck

For recruiters, they suck because you just have to be first to reach a person. You don’t have to be the best recruiter. There is no skill involved and ultimately, you are not adding value to your client or candidate, by operating in such
by Karla Reffold / on 7 November, 2017

Most telling hiring data to track

A key measure that recruiters use but hiring managers do not, is how many interviews you have undertaken for the role. We have also been able to track back for our internal hires and look at this data when understanding success for a new
by Karla Reffold / on 17 August, 2017

How to follow up after a second job interview

Following up after a second interview, which may well be the final stage, should allow the interviewer to be reminded why you want the job. After the first stage, a short note thanking them for their time is enough. At second stage you should
by Karla Reffold / on 17 July, 2017

How to leave a job if you are on bad terms

Sometimes a better offer comes along and people move jobs and leave on good terms with the people they work with. Often, people leave jobs because something has changed and they are unhappy. If you are really unhappy, how to leave professionally can be
by Karla Reffold / on 4 July, 2017

How to benchmark salaries

The best and most cost effective way to benchmark salaries is to work with your recruitment suppliers. They are speaking with candidates and your competitors every day and can give you the correct steer on salary information and what to pay to attract the
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