Tips for conducting a better interview

Conducting a good quality interview can help you hire the right employee and avoid making an expensive mistake. Even if it doesn’t change your decision, being a good interviewer can make sure the person you want, wants you!


Listen to the answers – many candidates complain that the interview didn’t flow, as interviewers are rushing to get to the next question and not really listening to the answer being given.


Make your questions relevant – Google are famed for hard to answer questions that don’t actually determine someone’s ability to do the job. It also makes you look quite inexperienced as an interviewer and a manager.


Do the interview first thing in the morning – much better than an evening interview, when everyone is tired from their day. I prefer very early, around 7 am and it shows you who is committed!


If you want to talk to a recruiter about how to improve your interview process, contact BeecherMadden.

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