Month: July 2017

by Karla Jobling / on 25 July, 2017

Expert on diversity in cyber security

I run a cyber security recruitment company and publish / speak regular on women in cyber. Women are paid approximately 30% more than men in cyber and I hope that by publishing this information, it will attract more women to consider the field. Partly
by Karla Jobling / on 17 July, 2017

How to leave a job if you are on bad terms

Sometimes a better offer comes along and people move jobs and leave on good terms with the people they work with. Often, people leave jobs because something has changed and they are unhappy. If you are really unhappy, how to leave professionally can be
by Karla Jobling / on 11 July, 2017

How to design a successful career page

Make it very easy to apply and make it mobile friendly. Many career pages have lots of information but you have to click through 5 or 6 pages, to start a lengthy application process. I have designed career pages for 2 companies, as well
by Karla Jobling / on 4 July, 2017

How to benchmark salaries

The best and most cost effective way to benchmark salaries is to work with your recruitment suppliers. They are speaking with candidates and your competitors every day and can give you the correct steer on salary information and what to pay to attract the
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