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by Karla Reffold / on 4 May, 2021

Cyber and the human factor

I thought I had heard of most significant cyber breaches. The 2016 SWIFT hack of the Bank of Bangladesh was one I’ve only recently learned about from the Kaspersky sponsored documentary, produced by The CyberTree Paradox.   Bangladesh is one of the most hacked
by Karla Reffold / on 10 August, 2020

2020 cybersecurity job report

2020 has been an unusal year in the cybersecurity job market. I conducted a survey into how cybersecurity professionals viewed the landscape, and how they were approaching their own career. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, the results provide a view into the current
by Karla Reffold / on 14 June, 2020

My commitments to improve racial diversity in cybersecurity

Ive always spoke up for inclusion within cybersecurity. This has mostly focussed on the gender gap and more recently, neurodiversity. I’ve stayed away from talking about race. I was scared to say the wrong thing, trying to fix an issue I can never fully
by Karla Reffold / on 9 January, 2018

Women & negotiation in the work place

I am CEO of BeecherMadden, a niche recruitment business with offices in London and New York. I also speak often on women in cyber security, where we are under-represented. Women need to take the emotion out of negotiating. Negotiating isn’t just working with a
by Karla Reffold / on 22 August, 2017

How will GDPR affect security teams globally

GDPR affects most global businesses, not just EU ones and will challenge teams to focus on their global reach. It is also making the link between data privacy, physical security and cyber a lot closer. The creation of new data privacy jobs, is going
by Karla Reffold / on 25 July, 2017

Expert on diversity in cyber security

I run a cyber security recruitment company and publish / speak regular on women in cyber. Women are paid approximately 30% more than men in cyber and I hope that by publishing this information, it will attract more women to consider the field. Partly
by Karla Reffold / on 17 April, 2017

Top questions for technical candidates

Technical job interviews might not just focus on your technical skills and experience. Be prepared to answer or ask, questions that focus on other skills too.   One of my top questions is “how have you built relationships with your business stakeholders?”   The
by Karla Reffold / on 10 February, 2017

How can men support women in tech?

Men need to acknowledge that there is a problem; once that happens we can start to change the problems women in tech face.   I often speak on women in cyber security and i am always met with comments from men who tell me
by Karla Reffold / on 10 January, 2017

Career mistakes women make

Women regularly sell themselves short when applying, or more often choosing not to apply, for the next career move. When dealing with female candidates, they are less likely to cite career progression as a reason for changing jobs and we see less job applications
by Karla Reffold / on 2 December, 2016

What will happen for cyber jobs in 2017?

As we approach 2017, BeecherMadden looks at what may change for cyber jobs next year. What trends in the industry are going to impact those in cyber jobs and their salaries? Plus, we review some of the predictions we made in 2016 and how
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